Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get help?

It depends what kind of help you're looking for. You can find lots of information about the game by clicking the "game" menu link and choosing the category you're after.

You can also check out the forum and ask for help from other players.

We also have a dedicated support team if you can't find the answers you're looking for. Contact them here.

What are the game rules?

In order to keep the game fun and fair for everyone, we have game rules you must follow in order to play the game. You can view the rules here

What are Diamonds and how do I get them?

Diamonds are the premium currency of Forge of Empires. You do not need to purchase Diamonds in order to play the game. However, Diamonds generally give certain benefits that speed up your progression. They can be bought with real money, but can also be acquired through some quests (and surveys).

What do Motivate and Polish do and how long do they last?

A Motivation doubles the production of a supplies or residential structure. It lasts for one collection only. A Polish doubles the happiness of a cultural building or decoration. It lasts for 12 hours. You can motivate or polish another player's structure once every 24 hours.

I acquired a Goods Deposit on the map. What does it do?

Goods Deposits increase the production of a specific Good by 400%, when producing that Good in a Goods Building.

What are Forge Points and how do I get them?

You need Forge Points to progress through the game. They are stored in the bar at the top of your game screen. You receive 1 Forge Point per hour, to a set maximum, and additional Forge Points can be purchased with coins or Diamonds. They can be used for research, non-guild Trades or Great Building donation.

Do you plan to release new Ages?

Yes. Forge of Empires is continually being developed and new content is added on a regular basis. Please keep an eye on the News section for information on upcoming new features and game content.

How do I get points in the global ranking?

You can get points for constructing new buildings, fighting players and producing (coins as well as supplies).

My people are unhappy. What should I do?

Build more cultural buildings and decorations - they increase happiness level in your city.

I don't want Forge of Empires to play any music. Can I prevent it from being played?

Yes. At the bottom left of your game screen there are buttons to control sound and music in the game.

I just received a Blueprint. What does it do?

Blueprints are partial plans used to build the Great Buildings. You need 9 unique Blueprints of a single Great Building to complete its schematic and be able to start building.

How do I compete in a tournament tower?

You automatically compete in Tournaments by battling. The tower in which you compete depends on the highest Age unit in your attacking army and if you have acquired that tower on the Continent Map. Tournaments last from Monday to Sunday.

Can I store buildings in the inventory?

Buildings that you obtain as a reward during special events will be stored in your inventory until you place them in your city. Afterwards, you can use the special "Store Building" item to put some of the event buildings back in your inventory.

If you don't have the "Store Building" item, try getting one during special events and sales!

My supplies keep getting spoiled. How can I prevent this?

Once your production is completed, you need to collect the produced supplies before they have time to spoil. The time until spoiling is:

Your chosen production time x 2
For example: Production time of 8 hours x 2 = 16 hours until spoiling.

Exceptions are 5-minute and 15-minute productions (all productions have a minimum of 1 hour before the possibility of spoiling).

How can I get blueprints?

Every time you motivate or polish your neighbors' buildings there is a small chance you will find a blueprint. Chances to find blueprints are lower with plundering than with motivating. You can also receive blueprints from quests, special events or by purchasing them with Diamonds.

I need Goods to unlock a technology. How do I get them?

There are several ways to obtain Goods. You can produce them yourself by constructing Goods buildings according to your requirements, or you can trade with other players for the Goods you need. Goods can also be purchased with Diamonds, or plundered.

How do I get medals?

You can gain medals by winning tournaments, completing quests or by helping construct other players' Great Buildings.

How do I gain population?

Your population level increases when you build residential buildings.

How do I get points in the global ranking?

You can get points for constructing new buildings, leveling up Great Buildings, fighting players and producing (coins as well as supplies).

How do I invite a friend to join the game?

On the Friends tab, click on FIND FRIENDS on the far right. Then go to the INVITE PLAYER tab.
There you can send your friend a link to invite them to the game, or you can also invite them via Facebook, or by email, if you have their email address.

If everything goes successfully, your new friend will have joined the same world that you as the inviter play in, and invited him from.

NB! Friend Invites do not work across different worlds

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