Support Actions

You can draw great benefits from peaceful coexistence with other players. If you help other players, you will get some coins for your support. If you are helped, however, this can be clearly noticeable. To assist a player, you have to visit his town, and there you can then select one of the following actions. Remember, though, that you can perform only one action to another player within 24 hours – and since an attack counts as an action, you can only fight once per day, or do any other of the types of interaction.


You can polish the cultural buildings and decorations of a neighbor. The corresponding happiness value is then doubled for the next 12 hours.


You can motivate the residential buildings and production buildings of a neighbor. The current production is doubled in the building – when doing so, it is worth it a lot more if production is running for a long time. Motivation has a nice side effect – a motivated building can no longer be plundered.

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