Columbus Event

from The Forge of Empires team on 10/7/15 at 1:21 am

Dear Kings and Queens, Fearless Discoverers,

In the midst of fierce economic competition among the European kingdoms, trade routes to Asia were of vital importance. It was Columbus' idea to sail westwards instead of east, and cross the Atlantic Ocean to reach the East Indies.

Let us give you an opportunity to relive history of one of the most famous explorers of all times.
Starting 8th of October, you will be able to go through a quest line that will present you the remarkable achievement of discovery of the New World.

If you manage to complete all 11 quests on time (15th of October), you will get a unique Columbus portrait and a Champion's Retreat.

Have fun sailing on the seas of history!
This is the story of a great explorer, an adventurer, a man who stood by his beliefs. It is the story of Christopher Columbus who set sail to discover a sea route to Asia, but instead discovered much more...

Forge of Empires Team

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