The Future is Here!

from The Forge of Empires team on 11/2/15 at 5:05 am

Welcome to The Future!
The human race has finally overcome most of today's problems. Ecological issues were solved, mankind lives in unity with nature. Power is provided by buildings like wind turbines or algae farms.
Crime, violence and surveillance are things of the past! But...
There are still certain people our there looking for conflicts and you need to be prepared.

The Future will become your reality on Wednesday, 4th of November.

What is new in The Future?
An exciting new storyline with many quests (including 60 side quests).
The story takes you to a new, undiscovered continent that spans across 12 new provinces.
20 new technologies to research.
28 brand new buildings.
5 new military units, introducing some exciting new unit skills.
2 new Great Buildings, featuring new abilities.
All-new battle maps, that take the armed conflicts into the cities of The Future.
12 new, futuristic player portraits to choose from.

So go to the Forum HERE for more exciting information! :)

Sincerely Yours,
Forge of Empires Team

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