Valentines Event 2015

from The Forge of Empires team on 2/9/15 at 1:23 am

Kings And Queens, It's That Time of the Year,
A New Event, I Hear You Cheer.
Come Read a Few Lines, and Do Some Quests,
Win Many Prizes, Always The Best!

There's Robin Hood, And His Merry Men,
Marching And Riding All Through The Glen,
It's Valentine's Day, A Romantic Time,
Robin Hood Thought, I Must Make her Mine.

Maid Marian of Noble Decree,
With A Face So Fair, So Pretty Was She,
A Beautiful Lady, So Lucky To Behold,
Within His Arms, He must Enfold.

Off He Went On His Merry Way,
He Must Reach Her, By The End Of This Day,
And There She Was, Stood As Grand As A Dove,
Right Beneath A Great Tree Of Love!

The Forge of Empires Valentine's Event 2015 starts on Wednesday, February 11th. It will be your privilege to decide about the future of three people: Robin and Sheriff, tough men, competing against each other, and Marian - a girl involved in a series of quite dramatic events. Their fate will be determined by you. Love will win either way, but is it going to be a happy one? It's for you to choose.

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The Forge of Empires team.

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