Winter Event 2014

from The Forge of Empires team on 11/29/14 at 10:33 pm

Dear Kings and Queens,

We will start the next week in a very "Frosty" way. On Monday, December 1st, Frosty the Snowman will make one more return visit to your empire, bringing with him new quests and missions for the winter season.

Each day in December brings a new challenge you can complete in exchange for some of our seasonal currency – Winter Stars! Collect as many as you can, because you will use the Stars to open presents in our winter window.

And this time, the gust of freezing wind will also cool down your mobile devices! The event will be also accessible on iPad and iPhone.

Please check out the forum to find out more, click here.

Check out the 2014 Winter Event video, click here.


The Forge of Empires Team

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