Your First Great Building - A Guide Questline For New Players

from The Forge of Empires team on 10/9/17 at 12:10 am

As you know, new players constantly join the community of Forge of Empires making it larger and stronger. However, we have noticed that some parts of the game are not always clear to everybody, so we would like to improve the way we explain them :). And we would like to begin with Great Buildings.

In order for this to happen, we will introduce a short questline that will be integrated into the early phase of the game. The questline (not abortable, like the main story line) will guide new players through the process of obtaining blueprints and leveling Great Buildings up. We will also introduce a new Great Building - Oracle of Delphi - that will serve as an example.

The questline, as well as the Great Building, will be a permanent feature of the game available from October 11th on.

Please note that the questline will not be shown to players who are farther down the tech-tree than mid-Iron Age. We made sure the Oracle of Delphi Great Building will be useful to Iron Age players, but not really that interesting for advanced users. If you're past mid-Iron Age and you are interested in building it in your city, keep in mind that the only way to get blueprints is by contributing to existing Oracles.

Read more about it in our Forum HERE.

The Forge of Empires Team

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