Yuri Gagarin Questline

from The Forge of Empires team on 4/6/16 at 7:32 am

The goal of the Vostok program was to put the first Soviet citizens into low Earth orbit and return them safely back to Earth. In direct competition with NASA's Project Mercury, this period of exciting technical progress became known as the "Space Race"...

Dear Kings and Queens,

As you can see, we have yet another historical quest line coming up! This time you will learn about Yuri Gagarin's role in the USA-USSR space competition and how the "Space Race" resulted in putting the first human in an orbit around our planet. Starting on the 8th of April, you will be able to go through a quest line that will let you relive this achievement.

If you manage to complete all the quests in time (15th of April), you will get a unique portrait of Yuri Gagarin (featuring his space suit!), a victory tower and an astronaut statue for your city.

Have fun!

This is the story of Yuri Gagarin, a cosmonaut born in the Soviet Union. He was the first human to journey into outer space!

Forge of Empires Team

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